Saturday, July 21, 2007

Part of the Korg Legacy Collection Digital Edition, the whole package includes: M1 and Wavestation instrument plugins and the MDE-X collection of effect plugins.

The sound engine of the Korg M1 is now available as an eight-part multi-timbral virtual instrument, and has been brought up to date with many new features. Topping that list includes a powerful resonant filter and dual Insert effects.

In addition to the PCM and Program/Combination data of the M1/M1EX/T1, all of the data from the 19 optional M1 PCM/Program cards is included, along with new drum samples and entirely new Programs, plus all additional PCM data and Programs/Combinations of the optional TSD-01 through 05 disks - providing more than 3,100 preset sounds.

Maximum Polyphony: 256 notes (depending on the CPU of host computer).
Number of Parts: 8.
More than 3,100 preset sounds and 400 user presets.
Over 960 PCM waveforms.
34 effect types.
Original M1 and T-series data can be imported via .SYX file.


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